Friday, October 18, 2013

Island Hoppers Lives Again as Paradise Helicopters!

I'm working on a film out at the Turtle Bay Hotel on the spectacular north shore of Oahu.  We are building some set pieces before filming begins next week.  I was very surprised to see the Magnum, P.I. helicopter taking off right next to where we are working.  I knew that a company here was flying the same helicopter (but not THE identical one) we had used on the show with the same graphics.  I walked over to see if they would allow me to take a photo to post here.  I met the pilot, Josh, and Sarah and mentioned to them I had worked on the show and they kindly allowed me to take these photos:

The helicopter had just been used for some aerial photography and still had the camera mount.  We are working right on the other side of those trees.
Both Roger Mosley and Larry Manetti have visited and signed the helicopter in 2 places.

They have also signed the console at the bottom as well.

It was great to see this copter again after so many years.  It's in much better condition than I remembered ours being.

So if any of you get a chance to visit our beautiful State sometime, contact and go for a ride.  Too bad they can't fly to the estate and land, but maybe someday.  Josh said he'd take me up sometime so maybe I'll have something more to post!