Thursday, March 19, 2015

Information on Anderson Estate Sale

Sorry if this isn't showing as a hyper link but just copy and paste it into your browser.  This was in the morning Honolulu paper.

Interesting to note they did not pay cash but got a mortgage for more than the cost of the house.  Wonder what would have happened if one of us had tried that?  Maybe being BFF with the president helped?

Will post any updates….



P.S.  I did just have a local TV station contact me and wanted pictures of the estate interior.  They were shocked to learn that we only shot the EXTERIOR of the house and that all interior filming was done inside a soundstage.  But YOU already knew that!   You also know that the soundstage sets were more based on the Marks Estate (also in escrow) and later used as the King Kamehameha Club because the pilot was shot in that house, not the Anderson Estate.