Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Old gate house to Fort Ruger and Jack Lord memorial

This should also settle the question of what is at 3949 Diamond Head Road.  Other buildings include the Red Cross, ARC School, and a dog park across from the film studio.


JJ said...

Hey Rick,
This is my first comment on here, or on any blog for that matter. I found you here a few wks ago and have spent way too much time reading and looking at pictures. The guesthouse picture you posted a while back has ended up as my desktop picture...Thanks. Any way I was afraid you were done on here since you hadn't posted anything since mid Jan. I has happily surprised to see you back when I checked today. I noticed the comments were sparse so I figured its time for my 2 cents. Thanks for hours of entertainment you've given me and can't wait to read more.



Magnum Decorator said...

Wow, I'm honored to have my guesthouse photo on your desktop! I mean anyone can have Tom Selleck on theirs! Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I guess this blog is turning into slightly longer than "Gone with the Wind" but without all those royalties or birthin' babies. Well, stay tuned, maybe someday there will be a photo even better than the guesthouse? Probably not.......

rubber chicken said...

Great photos Rick, thank you for taking the time to go there, and also share the pictures with us fans.

That 3949 address is weird. It seems the number is too broad to use it to refer to one building. I guess it stems from being a military base? Maybe all the mail went to one place on base and then was sent out to individuals from there.

I'd been wondering about what that guard house building was for way too long. Thanks to you another Magnum Mystery has been solved!

Annette said...

Thank you again for this blog. I am enjoying stories. now perhaps I can return the favor and answer your queastion as to why the Jack Lord memorial is at the mall. Quite simple actually, have you ever tried to BUY ground in that area-can't do it with all the fracas about the Bishop Trust. We went to the film studio and they were uhm...less than accomodating. didn't want the 'hordes of fans' etc. Plans then moved to the park down by Lords condo and again the 'hordes of fans' came up. One of Jack's neighbors is the manager of the mall and said it could gladly be placed there. Since Longs and the Star Market were some of his 'hangouts' this seemed like the perfect place. If you are interested in the details can read some in the back issues of the Five-0 newsletter.