Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Even I Know This One.......(I think?)

I assume this was the Luther Gillis episode.  I don't know about the going back in time thing, but anything has to be better than the smoke monster on "LOST!"  This was a fun set to do, however.  I think I remember it aired in black & white otherwise that orange chair looks like something out of a  60's Danish furniture store.  I've been hanging a towel on that coat rack for the past 20 years, otherwise I can't imagine where I found all this stuff!  Sadly the last of this kind of furniture in Honolulu  is being sold off this month--a roll top desk larger than this one went for $350 because there really isn't much of market anymore.
     I'm sure all of you experienced set watchers have noticed the jogs in the walls that indicate that one or more of them are wild (moveable).  I can't think of much more to say about this set so now it's your turn!

Aloha,  Rick


Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick. I haven't been able to check in lately. Just catching up.

I like the braided rug you added to this set. I see it wasn't there in one of the pictures. Nice addition!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick,
I believe the sailing ship painting in the first picture is the same painting that hung in Mcgarrent's in Hawaii Five-O.


Anonymous said...

Good one anonymous.

Magnum Decorator said...

Good Eye! Yes, the ship painting was the one from McGarret's office. I actually gave it to a local columnist years ago when we were getting rid of things because it had so much rat pee on it--but he took it anyway. I think the desk lamp went in the last purge also, the switchboard went to a local theatre, but the coat stand lives on at the film studio! We did a pilot for a remake of Hawaii 5-0 in 1997. Jim MacArthur was the only original member. He was still a kid inside, but Gary Bussey was a total jerk. Russell Wong was incredible. Anyway, it was so BAD it never aired! The State Film Office has a copy, but I've never watched it. I did have access to the complete CBS still photo archive of the show--that's another story.

Aloha, Rick

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff.Rick,did you ever appear on screen in any of the shows that you were involved with??

Magnum Decorator said...

Ha - ha, not on purpose--except once. I didn't have a line, but I did blow a whistle (but they wouldn't give me the speaking part rate even though I said I made a sound with my mouth blowing the whistle). It was the opening of a "Baywatch Hawaii" episode where I was the race director and had to fire a gun and blow my whistle to start the race. I grew up with guns and had no rehearsal, just BLAM! and I didn't even blink! That was good since they started on a super close up on my face! Anyway, I tried to sell them on a series called "Rick Romer, Race Director" where I was blow my whistle and fire my gun each week before another exciting race episode, but no takers. Not even one fan letter from the one part I did have. Show business is so fickle, but thanks for asking.

Aloha, Rick (former race director)

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