Monday, May 11, 2009

Hard to believe this is my 68th post.  I don't have a whole lot of pictures left--maybe I'll just start all over?  I can't even make stuff up because Marco will expose me.  I could always turn it into one of those blogs where I tell you what I had for breakfast and what kind of weather we have--but even those subjects are the same each day!

                                                                                                                                                           In the meantime, here is another mystery set.  I sure must have liked it because there are a lot of photos.  I seem to remember it has something to do with a house of ill repute, but I'm not exactly sure.  I am sure that it's pretty tacky and that's my walnut screen out of my entry hall--also that it's a set on stage.  I can't even think of anything clever to say about it.  It could be because I just repotted about 2 dozen palm trees in the hot sun and I'm overheated.  These kind of sets didn't come along very often--ones where there was no specified or defined look and I could have a little creativity.  Although 20 years later, I'm not sure what is very creative about this set?

Aloha,  Rick


Kimbosan said...

Hi Rick,

This blog has been amazing and I thankyou for all your efforts and incredible memories that you have bought back,…. gee I can’t remember stuff from last week let alone 20 years +….. Anyhow one last request …do you know who looked after the grounds (gardens, lawns, maint etc) at Robins Nest during the filming, this is quite important that I find out who did the work and do you have any in ground shots of the sets created in the yard of the estate? there were many and varied as I recall, like the dog house and a replica of some famous building that Rick and TC had to build while Magnum was off on a case as usual….and the stage they used to perform the skit from the Mikado, “Three little Maids are We” I would love to see some pics of that.

Onwards and upwards



Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick,
If the set was from MPI the only one I can recall is from season 5 "The Legacy of Garwood Huddle"

Also the second photo in the dusting set is a cool photo.

Anonymous said...

I do believe this set is from Luther Gillis :file 521. If I remember Magnum goes to the "establishment" looking for Artie and winds up in a fight after Luther joins him unexpectedly

Magnum Decorator said...

So it looks like Luther Gillis is the winner? I remember the exterior of this set was a wonderful old house in Manoa which has since burned down.

I assume that Eve had someone who took care of her grounds--which she could easily afford with the location fee she received. We had our own greensman who filled in or blocked things out with our own plants. I don't remember if there was any sort of "still man" which is what they call someone who runs around with a camera. Normally cameras are strictly outlawed on sets (crew or extras). I always get to carry one for "set purposes", but would never take photos of actors or crew. So sadly, I don't think there are any photos of the grounds, other set pieces, or production stills that I am aware of. Logistically it is difficult to get anywhere near the action when they are filming, and anyone taking a photo would be asked to leave immediately. Nowadays "LOST", for example, has a photographer who wanders about taking random photos. However, he must send the film directly to L.A. UNdeveloped and would lose his job if an unauthorized photo ever appeared on the internet.

James J. Walters said...

This set is from "The Return of Luther Gillis", one of my favorite episodes!

Rick, do you have any more photos of the interior of the soundstage? Maybe some "zoomed out" ones that show what the inside looked like as you walked in?

Magnum Decorator said...

No, I have already posted the only photos I have of the soundstage--at least that I am aware of. It's possible that I may have some others.......somewhere? In my more organized days, I saved yearly boxes of photos, negatives, slides, etc. Unfortunately they are not all stored in one place or are easily accessible in this big house. What I do need to do is make a drawing from memory of the layout of the stage. Thanks for reminding me! Unless something else turns up, I have already posted all "the best" photos I have. The rest are just of these sets. Aloha, Rick

James J. Walters said...

A map of the soundstage would be wonderful! Thanks Rick! :)