Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm on flickr!

It takes awhile, but my career photos are now showing up on flickr  It's sort of a poor man's website, but it's about time I started putting my stuff online.  I made a mistake making my categories too specific and too small.  There doesn't seem to be any way to change or regroup them now.  I'm making the group categories larger now.  I've been listing them by kinds of sets rather than by specific projects and then using tags to allow you to find specific projects.  I have a TV next to my computer that helps break the monotony--although watching 3 Esther Williams movies in a row on TCM was a bit much.

I haven't gotten to any Magnum photos yet.  They are going to premier what is now being called "Barbarian Princess" at the Hawaii Theatre next week so I'm still putting up those photos.  I didn't realize I was making the photos too small so I did go back and change some.  Flickr has a great editing too so I can fix the photos before posting.  This is sounding like a commercial.  Well, it's something until I get a real website going.

Aloha,  Rick


Mike (N1095A) said...

Hi Rick,
Nice to hear from you again. Just wanted to let you know we're still here. I did drop by your flicker page. Those are some impressive sets. I did have a question about Magnum, if you'll indulge me. In your photos of Higgins' den, there is this photo,
In the photo to the left of the desk, on the shelf there is a semi circular item that looks like ivory. I was just watching Antiques Roadshow, and a similar looking item was presented. It was describes as a hippopotamus tooth, and was engraved with very intricate carvings. Valued at $8000.
Any way, I was wondering if you remember this item from the set, and if it too was a hippo tooth.

Magnum Decorator said...

Hi Mike, I'm going to answer your question as a blog post. Thanks for checking out the flickr photos--they just keep on coming!

Aloha, Rick