Monday, June 18, 2012

Career Change

I've been thinking about how to write this for the past few months.  On the one hand starting a new career for anyone has its challenges especially after 30 years of what I've been doing.  The reality is that the TV and film business has changed.  Let's just say they aren't changes that agree with me so changing professions is actually not that traumatic.  Well, spending days on end on the computer with Xcel and Pages can be traumatic at times!  In any case, I am now the Creative Director for a large special events company here.  They don't really have to advertise and we do mostly high end corporate and incentive events, weddings, --well, special, special events!  My creative abilities haven't been used as much as I'd like to see, but it will come and learning the business end first will ultimately benefit me more.

For anyone that doesn't think this was meant to be, about a year ago someone to told me to write down what my ideal job would be.  List everything I really wanted to be doing and the money I wanted to be making.  Early this year a job under "Business and Management" on craigslist appeared--which I never would have seen since I wouldn't have thought to ever look in that category for work.  Anyway,  a friend forwarded this position and what they were looking for almost matched my ideal job list line by line.  Even more bizarre was the date of my first big event was also the same day that the last episode of "The River" on ABC appeared AND the very last thing I worked on in January, one episode of "The Biggest Loser" on NBC.  Now I wouldn't have minded the last thing I worked on not being called The Biggest Loser, but the fact that both appeared on the same day as my first big event was pretty obvious to me that it was meant to be.  So out with the old and in with the new as they say.

As all the jobs I've had my entire adult life have required, I still get off the H-1 Freeway on the Kokohead Avenue Exit each day.  Instead of Diamond Head Theatre or the State Film Studio, it's now my current job.  The film studio is across the street from the Bark Park where I sometimes take my dog.  They are starting up a new series called "Last Resort" where I was doing "The River" this time last year and "Magnum, P.I." 29 years ago.  You would think I would feel something--but, like the lyrics in that song in "Chorus Line"...."I felt nothing."  Even less so when you hear that the"Last Resort" is not about a tourist hotel, but a stolen nuclear submarine that declares itself the world's smallest nuclear nation, or power, or something.......whatever.   Break a periscope!

So that's my news.  My only regret is that I hadn't thought to do this years ago but it's a lot like that thing about the frog being in the pot of water with the stove on.  It's taken finding a new creative profession to make me realize what I've been missing.  I now call on all sorts of dormant experience and talent within the entertainment industry, photography, writing descriptive narratives, lighting, well, you get the picture.

For those of you "of a certain age" who aren't happy with what you are doing--put it out there and see what happens!




Anonymous said...

Good luck for you new carreer

Darla said...

Good luck in your new job. I hope you enjoy the change.

Marco said...

Hi Rick!

Exciting news - I wish you all the best!

Unknown said...

Up periscope Rick! Thank YOU for all those wonderful Magnum years. It is our families friday nite movie nite series. We bought whole series! Love some of the commentary. Tryin to figure out how to add yours to it. Might just do it. Been to many of the locations for MPI sure miss it! blessings and prayers and keep your head up better days are coming for us all!

Dave in New Hope PA said...

Thank you. I am at a funky stage in my life. I am greatful for that advice, really.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick !
All goes well in your new job ?

Anonymous said...

Just hoping your new career is taking off, or perhaps just settling in is better? ;)

Thanks again for all this blog has provided. I had a registered account and have posted before but not sure where that info is so just dropping an anonymous line.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

One year without news ! How are you Rick ?