Thursday, March 19, 2015

Information on Anderson Estate Sale

Sorry if this isn't showing as a hyper link but just copy and paste it into your browser.  This was in the morning Honolulu paper.

Interesting to note they did not pay cash but got a mortgage for more than the cost of the house.  Wonder what would have happened if one of us had tried that?  Maybe being BFF with the president helped?

Will post any updates….



P.S.  I did just have a local TV station contact me and wanted pictures of the estate interior.  They were shocked to learn that we only shot the EXTERIOR of the house and that all interior filming was done inside a soundstage.  But YOU already knew that!   You also know that the soundstage sets were more based on the Marks Estate (also in escrow) and later used as the King Kamehameha Club because the pilot was shot in that house, not the Anderson Estate.


Jas said...

Another link:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the buyer got a larger mortgage in order to do some needed restoration. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Brian said...

Hi Rick. I just wanted to let you know that I came across your blog a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. I know you don't post much now but was wondering if you should come across more photos of your time with Magnum P.I. will you share them with us? I was also wondering if John Hillerman is still doing any acting or if he is retired? Magnum was and still is one of my favorite shows. I hope your doing well with your new career. I tried to sign up but it wouldn't go through. My email address is Take care. Brian

Scott said...

Hi Rick,

I have been in contact a few times to express my appreciation for your good work,how much I enjoyed the series, and how pleasant it is to relive those times. As I earlier said, it was a real treat to get a window into that beautiful world while we were frozen in our igloos here in Maine!

A few years ago, on a trip to Oahu we searched out the "estate" and were sad to see the deterioration. (As much as we could see while trying to be well behaved!)

It's good to see that you seem to be doing well and hope that you continue to do so.

Keep posting when you can.

Magnum Decorator said...

Thanks for your comments. Nothing in the news lately about anything happening there or who the real owner might be--as in President Obama.

Matt said...

Hi Rick,

Like others who have posted here, I just wanted to say that this blog is a great insight into how Magnum P.I. (and television shows in general) was made. The local news here in the Bay Area recently ran a story about the Pahonu estate being sold and the possible connection to President Obama - not sure why as it seems to be old news. Anyway, that got me feeling nostalgic for Magnum P.I., which led me to the Magnum Mania! website and then to here.

I've been reading through the posts and have really enjoyed your writing and the pictures of the sets. I did have a question - has set building and set decoration changed with the advent of new technology, namely, the reduction of the size of cameras? Is it easier to shoot on location instead of on a sound stage now that cameras are smaller? Also, I'm guessing that now that everything is in High Definition, small flaws which might not have been apparent in the past can now be seen and may make more work for the people dressing the sets.

Anyway, hope all is well and thanks again for putting all this together.


Tom said...

Very good blog. Nice!