Thursday, November 6, 2008

ANYONE can now leave a comment on my blog

Sorry, I just had pointed out to me that you had to join to leave a comment here.  I just checked the box so that anyone can now leave a comment..........OMG, what have I done?

Don't worry about me.  I'll find work glass is half full after all.


Judy said...

You look like you are having fun in that photo! Yeah, Brut is good. LOL

Anonymous said...

Rick...You ROCK man!!

Keep up the good work, you're a great writer. You have a nack for telling great stories.
By the By...
Thanks for UN-Locking
the "Leave your Comments"
Now, anyone can "Comment"
without Signing Up "On the Blog"
Just choosing "Anonymous"

Anonymous said...

I think I love you!! lol. You seem like such a fun guy. And can I just say this is the best blog EVER!! Tom Selleck and Magnum PI are true icons - and you and your work were a big part of it. I love your stories and pictures. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful details with us! Keep up the great work Rick!

Dar said...

Thank you for all your comments and stories and pictures - they are most appreciated. It's great to see and hear about the behind the scenes that went on with MPI.

Magnum Decorator said...

Did I forget to mention I walk on water, too? :-) Well, maybe not, but it's nice to hear the appreciation and praise. It's more fun to post--yard work be damned!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I always knew there was someone out there who had behind the scenes pictures of magnum pi hidden away. I have typed in Magnum Set Pics on internet so many times with no luck and now FINALLY here they are - Thank You So Much !!! Keep them coming !!

mjbauer24 said...

I am a huge Magnum Fan. I appreciate your willingness to share photos and stories from the Magnum PI set. I was eight years old when my father was stationed at Pearl Harbor from 1965-1969. Every time I watch Magnum PI or Hawaii Five 0 it brings back good memories of family time spent together on Oahu. My husband and I spent a week on Oahu seven years ago for our 21st wedding anniversary. I was amazed at how much the Island has changed over the years. Thanks so much for the web page. Tom Selleck is one of my heroes (along with "Jack Bauer from 24 of course)!

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