Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shameless Commercial Interruption and MAHALO

If television shows are, in fact, fill between commercials, here is a commercial:

I am selling both my "Magnum, P.I." watch and "Jake and the Fatman" watch on ebay.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post even though I don't have a regular schedule.

MAHALO to all you anonymous people who can now post comments on this blog!  I may not know who you are, but I'll take applause anywhere I can get it!  Thanks for your positive comments and next is my second favorite set ever on Magnum.


rubber chicken said...

I laughed at the humor in your ebay post. First National Bank of Mongolia? "no I don't have Tom's cell number" sending the lads after you etc. There's no reason why selling a watch can't be funny.

Can I ask if there's anything you got from working on Magnum P.I. or other shows which you've hung onto?

Magnum Decorator said...

Only the first wrinkle on my face and many happy memories. :-)