Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From Cheesy to Sleazy Part 2 - More Photos

Additional Photos - please see part 1 for further informtion

An accidental discovery lead to something I'm fairly certain was left in the show.  When I sat down on the sofa opposite the mannequin at the other end of the cushion, it slid towards me--almost like she was propositioning me.  After showing the director, as I recall,  "Rick" / Larry sat and did a double take when the mannequin slid towards him.  Yes, you did see the sofa again in Higgin's bedroom.  It's been in my bedroom for 20 years now.  This set really was a fun, creative departure from the kinds of sets we normally did.

Aloha,  Rick


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this was the Dancing Chicken episode. I love your blog site & hope you continue to add to it. I'm a very big Selleck/Magnum fan and was so happy to find others of like mind. Your experiences are so interesting.

Marco said...

It is just too great! I love the "before" polaroid pictures - gives a good impression about what has to be done to actually get the set dressed. Thanks!!!