Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Anderson Estate (aka "Robin's Nest") To Be Torn Down.

Aloha All,

Can't believe it's been 3 years since I've posted but I no longer seem to be in the film or TV business even after becoming the first person from Hawaii to enter the ADG (Art Directors Guild).  I'm afraid the business has returned to the pre-Magnum days of bringing in all department heads (and even many assistants) from L.A.  I rose to too high up the ladder to be considered, apparently, for any job.

Well, this isn't about me, it's that this article just appeared on my Facebook page and is not good:


I had been considering a posting since a few of you have inquired if I will having anything to do with the "new" Magnum, and my opening paragraph will answer that for you.

I am currently finishing my first season as the Prop Master for Hawaii Opera Theatre which is a return to my original theatre roots--however not in my former capacity as a lighting and set designer.  I really am enjoying the position, although it is only 5 months of work a year, unemployment compensation only lasts 6!

Still working on my historic home which turned 90 last year and I celebrated with a big birthday party for it.  Now with my "new" roof from 1986 leaking, I can understand the frustrations of the owners of the historic Anderson property.  Although mine is older and built on boulders that go into a stream, it is not the ocean with the corrosive salt air.  Many people don't realize that ocean front homes here even have to replace their electronics every few years.  In the case of a home that is built from reinforced concrete and stone using iron rebar, there is little that can be done to stop the internal crumbling (spalling).  Her beautiful wrought iron stair railing  looked like it had been eaten by acid even decades ago.

When the house first sold, the local CBS news station called me to ask some questions about filming there.  They were not aware that none of the show was ever filmed inside the house--Eve actually forbid anyone going inside other than me and my crew to place ferns and chairs on the 2nd floor lanai that faced the courtyard below.  Funny how many people still think we filmed the series' interiors there.

As far as the new Magnum show, it is the same producer / writer (showrunner) used for the new "5-0" as well as the new "McGyver."  What concerns me about the new "Magnum" is the show being tied to the 80's as much as it was to Tom Selleck.  Since neither are available, the show will be updated for the audience who they expect will watch it.  We are no longer in that age group.  As someone once told me, "Episodic TV is just filler between commercials."  Crass as that may be, it is true.  The show's success will be determined by viewership of the key demographic age group and that will determine what the advertising rates will be for commercials appearing during it's hour.  Our watching or not watching will not affect the show.  Higgin's is now a woman.  Magnum will not have a mustache.  The 80's are over.

Mahalo for your interest over the years,

Rick Romer


Jas said...

Aw, sorry to hear about the loss of the historic estate. Keep up the good work preserving your own home, and best wishes in your new endeavors!

TW said...

Glad you are gainfully employed in something that at least is similar to your past endeavors, and maybe, as you say, closer to your "roots".

It deeply saddens my heart and mind to learn of the estates demise....I had hoped so much to see it (at least from outside the fence!) before I buy the farm. Well...I guess the tidal pool is still there, or are the reef stones going to be removed too? I understand about the sea having the last word...I think it always does. Had a dream once, where upon waking, was left with a single two word sentence as the bottom line...."Water Wins".

The thing that inspired me to leave a comment was the bit about new shows just being the "filler" in between commercials.....BOY IS THAT THE TRUTH!!! I've said that exact thing to my wife on many occasions. When I was invited to partake in the Nielsen ratings log keeping....I tried...I did try...but when it came time to turn my "log" back in and it asked for a "summation"...I just told them it was very difficult for me to watch anything at all because of all the commercials. It averages out to about 7 minutes of show and 5 minutes of commercials..and at some point during a supposed hour long program...the ratio reverses itself. Sometimes I'll just watch TCM no matter WHAT they are showing....due to there being no commercials!

At any rate, we die hard MPI fans never tire of hearing about the "old days" and your experiences on site and interaction with the cast and crew. Don't be a stranger! Good luck to you whatever you get into.

Ulli said...

Hi Rick, good to see you posting again, and when I heard of the sad news about the Anderson Estate I thought maybe you would share your thoughts with us old Magnum PI fans. What a shame that it will be torn down, wish we fans would have had a chance of touring Robin´s Nest. Regarding the new Magnum PI series, I will shun it, it surely wont have the magic of the original series with his awesome cast,actors, sense of humor etc.

El Barto said...

Hi Rick

Just been binging on my Magnum PI DVDs. On to Season 4 Jororo Farewell, thought ‘wonder if Rick’s updated his website!’.

Sorry to hear that work is difficult in the TV production area for you in Hawaii. Glad you are picking up work in theatre. .

Sad news about the Estate that you posted.

Thanks for posting all the information and photos about working on the show. Each episode I’ve been watching, I’ve been reading the episode information on Magnum Mania too.

Watching Magnum was great part of my childhood.



Mark Winchester said...

The MPI days were the peak of the world IMHO. I can' believe they destroyed Robin's Nest!!! What an incredible show.

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Anonymous said...


I havent commented in years but am glad you are still around.

You once helped me with a piece of trim for a room and I will never forget it!


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Jonathan Stroud III said...

We lost John Hillerman, robin's nest and a new Magnum started all well within a year of eachother, one era ends and another begins, it's kind of surreal how it came full circle so fast huh? We are getting old and this is certainly a perfect example of seasons of change. Good to see a posting from you Rick, I was once a lighting designer myself for theater then concerts, that also a lifetime ago, take care Rick and atleast give us an update post once a year !

Corsica holidays said...

I am so sad to know that the property disappeared... and Peter Selleck will always be Magnum PI! it's not possible to find the same interpreter or a similar! Not at all !

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Karrnutt said...

Hello Rick, I read you Blog from Magnum Mania, And am wondering if you might know who to contact at Universal about the "prop Ferrari" used in Magnum #1. I did contact Universal but got an intern who came back with a form response: "we don't sell our star cars." Referring to the spot on the Universal Tour, where the "prop cars" are displayed. It's really looking neglected, and needs somebody who cares to rescue it. I thought that since the introduction of the "new magnum" it would be redundant? In the past I had done some design work for Universal, creating courthouse clocks that were sold at the end of the Back to the Future ride, that will give you some idea how long ago that was! Any leads you can supply will be welcomed. Yeah, I know it's a replica:) FYI: I also e-mailed this to you.

Wayne Wm. Peterson