Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Guesthouse (again) and My Office (next to Tom's)

I went through a lot of trouble to rearrange the 96 thumbnail photos of the slide scans that were emailed to me from India to get all the sets in order.  My i-photo likes to scramble things out of order.  While putting the photos into a separate file, I noticed that they are all messed up.  This means it will be easy for me to miss a slide or 2 when I post a set.  Grrrrrrrrr, can't win.  Also, I have been pulling these directly out of i-photo and not running them through Photoshop.  So they may appear smaller and darker.  If this is a problem for you, I will run them through, but it does take more time.  I know, I know, what else have I got to do...............

Anyway, the most comments I ever got for a set photo was the one of the guesthouse so here are 2 more.  Obviously this was for one of those episodes where things were changed.  Was it a dream, a flashback, a fantasy, or did someone steal all the regular furniture?  I'm sure the first comment will clue us clueless ones in.  At least it does show the wall(s) that were hardly seen.

I have a whole bunch of Higgin's den photos that are also changed so maybe I should post those next?

The first picture is the corner of my office.  It was sometimes used for storage of more fragile or expensive set dressing before they were used.  Tom's secretary was on the other side of the 3/4 inch thick wall.  I never heard anything really bad!

Happy Prince Kuhio Day (a State holiday here),



Mike (N1095A) said...

Hi Rick!
The photos are from the season 4 episode called "Holmes Is Where The Heart Is". It aired 3/8/84, and took place largely prior to Magnum being at the estate, thus the different set dressing.
Thanks again for sharing.
Mike (N1095A)

Marco said...


Correct about the episode, Mike. Excellent Episode and excellent set. The ep. had a guest starring of Patrick MacNee, most famous as "John Steed" of "The Avengers" (the male blog followers migh remember Diana Rigg better though :-)).

I like the way the familiar set was changed so it still looks familiar but truly older and pre-Magnum. Well done!

And about the Higgins' Den pictures: I would (besides the others I am sure) love to see them. I already have an idea of which episode they might be if they were changed ...

The guesthouse and Higgins' den are the most often seen sets - but maybe you also have some of the kitchen which was rarely seen and some more of the wine cellar? I would be curious about these as well (but I could not name any set I would NOT be interested in, so everything is appreciated!

Judy said...

Hi Rick, I've been awol from the comments, but I have been lurking all along.

Thanks so much for your efforts in getting all these all photos together to share!

I am one of the fanatics regarding the guesthouse set. :)

I love seeing the variations on the guesthouse furnishings.

Another episode was Murder by Night, I believe the name was, I am going strictly by memory. It was set in 1940's San Francisco.

The other redecorated set involves another vintage era murder mystery, in the episode where Magnum wakes up and he has gone back in time to the 1930's.

I hope you find more!


Judy said...
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James J. Walters said...

Hey, nice Boombox Rick! ;)

Thanks again for these wonderful behind-the-scenes pics!

I'll second Marco's request; I would love to see some pics of Higgins' study/den. The estate's living room and Rick's office would be high on the list, too.

And if you come across anything labeled "Sing Sing Palace", "Tijuana Tokyo", "Bare-knuckle Bar", "Bank Vault", or "Anuenue Room", please don't hesitate to post them. ;)

Magnum Decorator said...

Thanks Mike for identifying the set--not that I'm keeping score or encouraging competition, but sorry Marco! I have a lot more of the past look of the den that I will post soon. I remember Patrick MacNee, though. He was more like Steed's father by the time he got to Magnum, but it was still great to see him in person. Yeah, too bad it wasn't the "real" star of the show, but I did get to see Diana Rigg on the London stage later. I did enjoy the Avengers but their "psychedelic" episodes tried too hard to be "in" and just came off as bizarre.
I do remember doing the wine cellar since renting hundreds of bottles of REAL wine was a major pain. I don't remember ever seeing a kitchen but I did have to buy a washer and dryer once for some set at the estate.
I still think I must have some more photos somewhere. I got to do the living room set and I'm sure I would have taken photos of that.

Looks like I scored on this set so thanks!

Aloha, Rick

P.S. Magnum ebay auctions closing soon! Pretty soon all I'll have left are my memories!

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