Thursday, March 19, 2009

Newspaper article about me and the set

(first section on right......nice painting!)

Just going through the last of my paperwork and found a bunch of newspaper column drops about me (celebrity that I used to be, lol) and came up with this article from December, 1987.  I had to laugh that I had already been deposed as the decorator after 3 seasons and hired back as the assistant and never mentioned my (now) boss.  Hmmmm, wonder why?  That's one story I can't put on the internet, but buy me a drink sometime and............
Anyway, the article does give some information--I would guess all of you know most of it already!  Sorry that I had to chop it in half, but I hope it's legible.  Just double click it to make it larger.
While I am posting this, UPS delivered the Scan Safe slides now on disc of the "lost" Magnum sets so if you don't mind suffering a little longer, I will soon be posting them.  Speaking of posting, should I bother to put anything on ebay after what has been spent in the last week?  Anyone got any money left?  Speaking of ebay, I assume you all know that whoever is selling that junk on ebay (a red,white, and blue lei?) from a "genuine L.A. prop house" that claims to be from Magnum should be thrown off.  I can sell you a monkey pod pineapple bowl for $50 if you really want one.......  The stuff from Hauula, HI is all legitimate so go for it! (nice people, too)

Aloha,  Rick


wes said...

Rick, I was wondering what ever happened to the painting of the Tahitian girls. Thanks Wes

Shaun said...

Thank you for the great blog. Really looking forward to the photos you going to post.


Shaun from South Africa

Marco said...

AWESOME Article - thanks, Rick! I love the article and the pictures. Great Info about these paintings.

wes said...

I really enjoy this blog and look forward to the many pictures and articles you have to add.
The Gaugin that hangs in Magnum's guest house I believe is a combination of "Will you marry me" and "Vairumati". I personally am getting a copy of " Tahitian Women" for my Den.
I love the artwork that was used in the show. I remember a painting of an old Sailing ship in Higgins Den which reminds me of several that i inherited from my grandmother. (She was of good English Stock LOL)
The show also has influenced the look and feel of my den to a beautiful humidor complete with a nice selection of cigars.
Thanks Rick for all you fine postings. Wes

Magnum Decorator said...

I think I have answered the most asked question on this blog before, but the Tahitian painting disappeared from the set dressing storage area several years ago. Any items that do survive the show(s) are co-mingled with every other show done here from "Hawaii-50" to "Baywatch Hawaii." None of these items are marked as to which show they originally belonged to and all belong to the State of Hawaii and are not for sale. Although given out State's deficit, maybe the Governor might change her mind? And maybe Tom Selleck will give personal tours of Eve Anderson's estate? Maybe AIG employees will give back their bonuses? Ok, let it go............

I never get tired of saying MAHALO for all your thank yous!

Aloha, Rick

Marco said...

Well, as they GAVE back their bonuses finally, maybe we really see that Tom Selleck tour of the Anderson Estate and can form a line in front of the Studio to purchase any leftover from the show? OK, I am KIDDING of course but as it seems, wonders truly DO happen!

Magnum Decorator said...

I'm sorry, I forgot to say besides pay back their AIG bonuses AND give up their first born AND right arms, then we could expect "Tom's Tours" to begin at the Anderson estate. I think the tour bus would start at the film studio for the drive out to Waimanalo. Special VIP tours in the Ferrari available on weekends only. Closed most holidays. Hmmmmm, maybe I should start selling tickets? Who needs unemployment?