Monday, March 23, 2009

T.C.'s Living Room - Racist Decorating?

Looking at these photos I sort of cringed.  Egyptian papyrus scroll hieroglyphics above the sofa, African animal skins and poster, tribal drums, African figures, masks, prints............gee, do you suppose T.C. was black?  Once upon a time in the mid-80's when African Americans were not  often regulars on top-10 TV shows (pre-Cosby - post "Julia",  "Good Times"), I guess having this cliche decor was acceptable.  Other than that, it's gorgeous! (lol)  At least the set isn't the usual "box" and has some interesting angles and wall surfaces.  I remembering ordering those Egyptian hieroglyphic  papyrus prints for over the sofa (I was so hip!), but I can't remember if I did the entire set or not.  I'm guessing I might have or  I wouldn't have taken so many pictures of it.  I remember we did keep a file with Polaroid shots of all the permanent sets to make sure everything always went back.  This set would have been called a "swing set" (no, not the kind you buy at Sears) because it was only set up as needed and then stored.  Sometimes walls or windows might get reused in another set, but we always had to be careful not to use any of the dressing.  Even pre-stop action TV had people who would notice T.C.'s zebra skin in another set.  Normal minimum wall height was 10 feet.  Paneling only came in 8 feet so you can see the picture molding at 8 feet with 2 more feet added.  Well, that's all I can think of on this less than memorable set.

Aloha,  Rick


Mike (N1095A) said...

Gee Rick, I have the same coffee table! Was this one of the sets that was built inside the main house set?

Marco said...


This is from episode "Paradise Blues" indeed. One of the rare episodes about TC's background.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Rick,thanks for sharing. Somewhere on the blog the question was asked if you could sketch a floor plan of the sound stage.Is that in the works or are things still hazy?

Thanks again.

Thomas Magnum said...

I love you for sharing all this.

Big thanks from every MPI addicted from Italy

Magnum Decorator said...

Yes, things are hazy about the floor plan of the studio, but the excuse for not doing one is more related to lazy than hazy! I will get to it!